Wind, Smoke, Water

Beaded Bandolier Bag by Martha Berry

This bandolier pouch is typical of those carried by Cherokee men from the late 1700s until the Cherokee Removal.

This bag incorporates motifs inspired by mound builder pottery found in the Gulf Coast area and in Southern Appalachia. The mound builder's culture preceded those of the Southeastern Woodlands Indian nations, including the Cherokee.

The center piece of the pouch is the four winds motif, using what James Mooney and other scholars said were the Cherokee colors for the four cardinal directions:

Red - East
Blue - North
Black - West
White - South

Please Note: The artist has tried, where possible, to use materials typical of those used by her Cherokee grandmothers in constructing this bandolier. It is made of cotton twill, satin ribbon, yarn, French brass trade beads and Czech glass seed and pony beads. The thread is cotton wrapped polyester, treated with bees wax.